uav aerial topographic mapping services

Aerial Photography and Video

Peak Geomatics can provide accurate, up-to- date digital aerial photography and video of a property or site that you can use for planning, design, marketing, or other purposes.

Digital Orthophotos

 We can provide you with digital aerial photography of a property or site that has been processed (orthorectified) so that the image geometrically is oriented to a specified coordinate system, such as the Tennessee State Plane Coordinate System. 

Topographic/Planimetric Mapping

 As a time and cost saving alternative to other survey measurement methods, Peak Geomatics can use aerial photography obtained through our UAS to produce planimetric and topographic mapping in CAD format for site planning, design, or other uses. 

Construction Monitoring

As a surveyor we are able to collect data quickly, safely, and more often using UAV technology. This ability to consistently monitor site conditions is paying big dividends to those that are taking advantage.