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Boundary Survey: This is the initial survey of your lot. Your property corners are clearly marked with stakes and flagging. For an additional fee we can also stake the corners of your future building, making it easier for the forms to be set.

Grading Plan: This is a plan showing contours and grade elevations for existing and proposed ground surface elevations at a given site.

Site Plan: A plan of the area of a proposed construction operation, including but not limited to the building outline, parking, contours, building setbacks, and boundary lines.

Form/Footers: The second phase of the new construction process, a form survey will re-identify the property corners and record the location of the concrete footers or batter boards on the lot. We will also "pin" each house corner location or feature as the builder requires. This assures that your building is where you want it to be, inside all building setback lines and utility easements.

Final As-Built Survey: The final step in the new construction process. Our crew surveys all improvements on the property, including the building, concrete, fences, and any other permanent fixture.

We provide construction staking when you need it. On staking assignments, we always verify the contractor's preference, to deliver exactly the type of product you are familiar with and that meets your needs. We off our services on a wide range of projects, from bridges, highways and railroads to single family residences, apartment complexes and hospitals. Whatever your project involves, call Peak Geomatics LLC first to tackle your surveying needs

We have worked successfully with architects in the area on a wide variety of residential and commercial sites. We tailor each project to your special requirements. Do you need to determine building setback distances for a remodel permit or detailed measurements on an historic building? We will partner with you to meet your client's needs with the appropriate survey product. Among the technical services we provide to architects and their clients: Engineers
At Peak Geomatics we offer a wide range of services for engineers, including topographic surveys with contour intervals from one quarter of a foot on up. We locate monitoring wells, buildings, utilities, and any other physical features on the site. We also provide monitoring services for the movement of walls, buildings and bridges, as well as land. We perform tree surveys, height surveys, ALTA's, and design-build surveys. Developers
We have worked on several development projects in the Appalachian area. We can prepare boundary and topographic surveys for future development, or work with your contractor on the construction phase of the project. We tailor each assignment to your special requirements, including these services for developers:

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ALTA/ACSM Title Survey
Boundary Survey/Retracement
Elevation Certificate/LOMA
Property Subdivision
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