Results, Reliability, & Dependability.

Licensed Registered Land Surveyors in Tennessee - Licensed Professional Land Surveyors in North Carolina - Each has a B.S. obtained from East Tennessee State University in Surveying and Mapping - Over a decade of diversified surveying experience in Land Surveying and Customer Service - Use of the latest technologies in 3D imaging, GPS, aerial data collection and more geomatics- the branch of science that deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data relating to the earth's surface. Peak Geomatics provides land surveying services to public agencies, engineering firms, private contractors, architects, and homeowners throughout North Carolina and Tennessee.

We are a full-service, field-to-finish land surveying firm, based in East Tennessee. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional value by offering fast response times, and the highest quality service while completing jobs on time and within budget.

We bring a wide variety of combined surveying expertise and experience to each job. Licensed to practice in both North Carolina and Tennessee, we have developed local knowledge and many contacts in the area. We have experience in a wide variety of surveying and mapping.

We consistently deliver superior personal service and an attention to detail that sets our competitive edge. This commitment has steadily increased our client base and reputation in the industry.

Anthony Suttle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Land Surveying from East TN State University and has experience in working for large multi jurisdictional projects utilizing total stations, GPS, and 3D laser scanners.

Matt Lindvall earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University and later earned a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying from East TN State University. He has experience working in a wide variety of Land Surveying services including construction, subdivision of property, and utility services.

We stay on top of the industry by keeping up with the latest technologies and exceeding customer expectations. We recognize that communication, meeting project completion time lines, and the accuracy of our work are the leading factors when it comes to doing a job the right way.